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Welcome to Grand Stage Company's updated web site. Things are constantly changing here. We look forward to continuing our strong relationships with both our customers and vendors to provide the best in theatrical supplies. This month find out how to create dramatic three dimensional lighting effects on a budget!




Swirling flames, roiling or reflected water, or even dancing lights in an indoor or outdoor setting, can be realized with almost breathtaking dimensionality with the
Rosco X-Effects Projector.

  The effect is created by rotating two "X" size glass gobos off center of the optical path. This results in a projection that does not appear to have a visible direction or pattern. A dichroic filter in the color slot offers the opportunity for the full range of Rosco color in the effect.

The self-contained device is equipped with an SMR202 lamp, whose short arc allows for an output of 5000 lumens and a 7,000 hour lamp life. The temperature is similar to a Xenon source at 6000°K. Lens trains are available in 30, 50 and 70-degree configurations. Due to the efficiency of the lamp and the design of the optics, all lenses have crisp edges, even for long throws of 100 feet or more.

The X-Effects Projector is available in two configurations. For theatrical entertainment lighting, specify the model with DMX on board. Using five DMX channels, the unit has full control of each effect gobo, lamp strike and light output. The DMX-controlled douser, also initiated through your lighting control board, directs not only the light output but blackouts and fades as well.

For such permanent installations as retail or museum display, or where DMX is not required, the original X-Effects Projector is a good choice. It includes onboard potentiometers to control the speed and direction of both gobos.



Finish: Black
Weight: 12 lbs.
Width: 12"
Lenght: 14"
Height: 7"
Yoke mounted  
Supply Voltage: 90-264 VAC 47-63hz
and 90-340 VDC/3 AMPS

The Projector, including lamp, 2 X-size Effects Discs and one lens assembly has a list price of $2750.00. The same projector and accessories package, in the DMX configuration, is $2975.00 list. Lens assemblies are available in 19°, 30°, 50° and 70°.

For more information, and ideas on using X-Effects Projectors in your applications, please contact Erin at (312) 332-5611

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