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Also see our Strand Lighting Users page for information on software, mauals and cheat sheets. PDF cutsheets open in a new window, or right click to download.


Picture the cloud-like shapes behind the actor gently revolving. It gives the stage picture an added dimension of surrealism … which was exactly what the director wanted for this memory sequence. The RP screen behind the louver window offers an ideal surface on which the Infinity Animation Device can be used.



That's your basic standard steel Rosco gobo on the back wall of this set. Stage left and stage right are illuminated with fixtures equipped with Image Glass (33610) and ColorWave glass gobos (33304). But notice the top light on the gurney. The spotlight on the gurney is equipped with an Infinity Animation Device. When the Flicker Wheel (30019) is slowly rotated, an extraordinary effect is created.



This simple stage setting, a stage right divider and an upstage louver wall, come alive with the sensitive lighting of the designer. The three circles on the stage floors were generated by Vortex Gobo Rotators mounted on the first electric. Each set of spotlights had different combinations of Rosco steel and glass gobos in the rotators. Spotlights, equipped with Infinity Animation Devices, were used upstage to make the scene come alive. In this case, the Infinity Devices had Rosco Colorizer glass gobos in the gate.

havana alternate

Same set pieces as shown on the left, but slightly re-arranged – and lit very differently. Notice particularly the louver screen which has been rotated so that more of the surface faces the audience. The spotlight illuminating the screen is equipped with an Infinity, so the shadows you see actually move gently across the louver surface.



► Rosco Infinity Animation Device

List Price $555.50

Rosco's Infinity Animation Device attaches to the gel frame of virtually any spotlight, including the ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare or 1-K, Strand SL, etc. The device is entirely self-contained, so you won't need any additional power supplies or controllers. Simply affix one of the Animation Disks to the device (a user-specified disk is supplied), place a steel or glass gobo in the gate, plug the Infinity into an outlet or dimmer – and watch magic appear on your stage.

The Animation Disks are stainless steel disks that are 16.5" (42 cm) in diameter and are available in eleven different etched pattern designs. The disks, being out of the focal plane, allow sharp focus on the gobo in the pattern slot while the rotating disk animates the effect of the gobo. The effect of rotating these disks creates moving effects such as fire, water or leaves. The key to the system is to choose the right gobo for the base effect.

For literature, information and ideas on creating visual rain, fire or other effects with the Infinity Gobo Animation accessory, please call your local Grand Stage representative.
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