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  All fixtures shown are UL® listed. Lamps are not included unless noted otherwise.  
Source Four Mini - ETC

AGood things come in small packages. The Source Four Mini™ is everything you expect from the Source Four® brand - ease of use, superior optics, crystal-clear image projection and a bright, even field - but packaged in a tiny fixture that's just one-third the size of a traditional Source Four. A mere nine inches long, and available in both tungsten and LED, the Source Four Mini can go anywhere: museums, retail outlets, restaurants, light labs, children's theaters, and other small scale installations where size matters.

The Source Four Mini is available in four field angles: 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°, with a 2.5-inch diameter lens. It comes in a portable version with a miniature C-clamp, a canopy-mount design with an integral transformer, or a track-mounted design. There is also a low-voltage (12V) tungsten version. All Source Four Mini models include an E-sized pattern holder and a gel media frame, with a range of additional accessories.


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Pro One-Cell - GDS/ETC

The Pro One-Cell luminaire provides high-quality light and smooth dimming for installations where short- to medium-throw illumination is essential. With a lumen output of more than 1200, CRI over 90, and a variety of color-temperature options, the Pro One-Cell is a must-have for single-cell LED installations. Convection-cooled technology, 100% silent operation and a variety of beam-spread options make the Pro One-Cell luminaire ideal for subtle, recessed lighting in intimate spaces such as lobbies, concert halls, art galleries and museums.

ArcMesh wireless technology
In conjunction with the ArcMesh Driver, which is required for operation, the Pro One-Cell luminaire lets you choose between traditional wired-DMX network connections and the wireless ArcMesh network. The ArcMesh Transmitter helps connect to your luminaire to the ArcMesh wireless network by turning wired DMX into wireless ArcMesh signals. With no extra wiring required, ArcMesh technology saves you time on both new installations and retrofits.

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Pro Four-Cell Pendant - GDS/ETC

The ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Pendant is a high-output, smooth-dimming luminaire that is the right choice for short- to medium-throw illumination. It provides the same quality light as the Pro Multi-Cell luminaire, but in a form that is perfect for pendant and recessed-ceiling applications. The Pro Four-Cell Pendant's onboard driver means you can easily connect it to your ArcMesh wireless lighting system, or use the DMX inputs and outputs to build an easy-to-use wired DMX system.

ArcMesh wireless technology
The Pro Four-Cell luminaire connects to your ArcMesh wireless network with its onboard driver and the ArcMesh Transmitter, which turns wired DMX into wireless DMX signals. With no extra wiring required, ArcMesh technology saves you time on both new installations and retrofits.



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PL1 by Selecon Lighting - Philips Selecon

A Revolutionary breakthrough in display lighting the PL1 LED Luminaire is the first light source that delivers full control of the beam color composition irrespective of intensity. Drawing on technology and specific insight, nurtured and developed, within the Philips Entertainment group the PL1 meets the everyday challenges of illuminating the world’s museums, art galleries and stages. A lighting instrument that extends the creative possibilities with light while significantly reducing the impact of our activities on the environment .


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Auroel Beam Spot - Philips Selecon

The choice of museums, galleries and leading retailers around the world, the Aureol Beamspot is a stylish housing for the popular MR 16 range of low voltage lamps.

Elegant, simple and safe to use the Aureol Beamspot is a versatile tool allowing for the use of colour filters; diffusion spreader lenses; anti glare honey comb; snoot and barndoor accessories.


Catalog Number
Auroel Beam Spot / GSL#5881XX Onboard dimmer / GSL#5881xx
Auroel Beam Shaper / GSL#5882XX  
Aureol Fresco Flood - Philips Selecon

One solution, multiple choice. Designed to create a wider and more even wash of light just where you want it. Standardise settings and maintain beam angles with the precision pan and tilt allen screw lock off functionality.


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Astral Axial Zoomspot - Philips Selecon

The Astral Axial Zoomspot combines a high quality projector-like beam with a long life CDM display lamp.

Typical applications include pattern and logo projection for retail display, museum and gallery lighting, framing spots, area illumination and highlighting from long throw positions in atria, lobbies etc.


Catalog Number
Astral Zoomspot / GSL Micro Flood (Colored) / GSL#109311
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