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Philips Showline SL BAR 640 & 660

The SL BAR 640 and 660 are powerful LED linear fixtures offering unprecedented output and exceptional color clarity. Ideal for any entertainment application, the 4 foot 640 and 6 foot 660 provide stunning output whether used for illumination or direct view purposes. Designers agree the uniform, homogenized RGBW output makes a bold statement in any production.

Both fixtures use a standard 60o beam angle providing uniform color mixing and illumination for a variety of applications. Whether used in place of R40 strips, border-lights, foot-lights, cyc-lights or for exciting animations, the luminaires provide incredible coverage and colorwashing abilities.

The SL BAR 640 and 660 include standard mounting brackets for floor or pipe mount. Mounting brackets feature secure lock off and a tight profile to insure close placement to further insure smooth beam spreads. Units are designed for daisy chaining and include cable management for clean cabling and easy set up.

Catalog Number
SL640 4' SL 640 Bar RGBW IP 20
SL660 6' SL 660 Bar RGBW IP 20
Altman ZipStrip

Using 12 volt MR-16 tungsten halogen lamps, this UL listed multi lamp striplighting device is available in four standard lengths. Lamps operate in series for each circuit and lamp failure is indicated by neon indicator lamps. MR-16 lamps are available in wattages ranging from 20 to 75 and beam spreads of narrow, medium, and wide. Fixtures are supplied with color frames and non castered floor trunions. Multi- circuits have pass through feed.


Catalog Number
1 cct. 2' 2" / GSL#109101 3 cct. 6' 4" / GSL#109103
2 cct. 4' 3" / GSL#109102 4 cct. 8' 5" / GSL#109104
R40 Style Borderlight

The R40 style Borderlight is a multi lamp device designed for a general wash of light and UL listed for up to 300Watts per compartment. The luminaire is available in standard portable units and custom lengths with sockets on 6” centers and optional pigtail distribution circuits. Portable units are supplied with hanger arms , pipe clamps, and 36” bare leads. Custom units are supplied with chain for hanging. All units supplied with combination color frames. Roundels (purchased seperately)are available in either smooth or spread versions.


Catalog Number
6' - 3 cct. / GSL#10914063 8' - 4 cct / GSL#1091408
6' - 4 cct. / GSL#10914064 Custom length / GSL#109140
7'6"- 3 cct. / GSL#1091407
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