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V-250 Lynx

Simple, cost effective moving head fixture. Features include DMX control, 16 bit resolution, interchangeable gobos and 9 color plus open. Includes safety cable, hanging bracket and 250 Watt lamp.


Catalog Number
V-250 Lynx / GSL#521250 3.5"X10" / GSL#109360
Nova Scan

Budget conscious moving mirror fixture. Features include DMX control, 14 gobos plus open and 14 colors plus open. Includes power cord, XLR cable, and 250 Watt lamp.



Catalog Number
250W Nova Scan/ GSL#5212501  

Two lamps fire out 16 colorful light beams that dance to the beat of the music. Also light weight and compact. Lamp included.


Catalog Number
Derby / GSL#5213612  
Roto Globe

Great as a center piece, Roto-Globe features dozens of lenses that shower the room with long slender beams of light as the globe rotates creating a dazzling colored mirror ball effect. For even greater visual impact, Roto-Globe is also available in a clear lens version.


Catalog Number
Roto Globe (colored) / GSL#52181061  
Roto Globe (clear) / GSL#52181061  
Night Scrambler

This unique effect features six rotating drums that send an explosion of colored beams dancing across the room to the beat of the music. A dramatic and exciting light display that makes a dazzling centerpiece for clubs and ballrooms. Mounting bracket and lamp included.

Catalog Number
Night Scrambler / GSL#5219525  
Aqua Splash Delux

This unique unit adds an aquatic effect to any dance floor. Features four colors of light swirling with glittering water motion. Lightweight and easy to mount. Supplied with lamp and mounting bracket.


Catalog Number
Aqua Splash Delux / GSL#52199701  
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