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LEDs have revolutionized the film and studio world offering greater control of color balance while reducising power consuption and its associated heat


Selecon LED Studio Panel

Studio Panel is a compact light weight LED luminaire designed for both studio and location use. Units feature tunable white color temperature control from 3000K to 6000K making it ideal for a wide range of lighting applications.

Requiring just 50 watts the unit will operate on AC or DC voltage. The battery power input is designed to allow location operation using industry standard batteries. An available range of holographic diffusers provide beam angle control with minimal light loss.
Standard 19 degree beam angle with available diffusion lenses (40 and 60 degree - both sold separately) for a wide range of focus control. The unit also features on-board or DMX control/

A variety of accessories are available (all accessories are sold separately):
- Snap-On Barndoors
- Pistol Grip Handles
- Anton Bauer Gold Series or V Lock Battery Mounts
- Front Adapter Ring (accessory holder)

All Selecon theatrical fixtures are supplied with an industry leading three year warranty; additionally this unit is provided with a 5/8" stud adaptor, mounting yoke, and 39" powercon lead

Catalog Number
PLSTUPNL-03 Studio Panel Tunable White
PLSTUPNL BD Studio Panel barn doors (two leaf)
PLSTUPNLL40 40 degree spread lens
PLSTUPNLL60 60 degree spread lens
PLSTUPGB Pistol Grip Handles (includes 2)
PLSTUPABBH Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery Holder
PLSTUPVLKBH V-Lock Battery Holder
PLSTUADPTRG Studio Panel Adapter Ring

Selecon PL-1 Fresnel

The PLFRESNEL1 LED Luminaire is a general purpose lighting fixture for theatre, small studio, and display lighting applications. It produces an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination. Using LED source technology combined with a traditional Fresnel lens, the PLFRESNEL1 LED Luminaire delivers Philips Selecon’s industry benchmark quality without the compromising performance of spreader lenses.

All Selecon theatrical fixtures are supplied with an industry leading three year warranty; additionally this unit is supplied with a power/data interconnect box, pipe clamp, permamently attached safety cable, and 36" powercon lead

Catalog Number
PLFR1-03 PLFresnel1 LED Luminaire
20BDMF Acclaim Fresnel Barndoor, 4 way
PLICB PLprofile Power/Data Interconnect (spare)
Selecon PLCyc

A breakthrough in cyclorama lighting the PLCyc LED Luminaire delivers smooth even cyclorama lighting in a compact light weight design. Using just 150 watts of power to illuminate drops up to 15' high each unit can replace the equivalent of a traditional 4 color 500 watt luminaire. A typical cyc can be powered from a single circuit using our convenient Powercon cabling system for power along with standard DMX cables.

The PLCyc LED Luminaire may be used for top or bottom lighting with units spaced 4 foot from the cyc on 4 foot centers for optimum performance and value.

All Selecon theatrical fixtures are supplied with ann industry leading three year warranty; additional this unit is provided with a pipe clamp, safety cable, and 36" powercon lead

Catalog Number
PLCYC1-03 Black PL-1 Cyc Luminaire

Rosco Litepad

LitePad™ is a slim profile, LED light source that delivers soft, even illumination.

Because of its thin profile (only 1/3") and lightweight design, Litepad is ideally suited use in locations where larger conventional luminaries simply cannot fit. Litepad is an exciting new approach to lighting, utilizing sustainable, energy effecient LED technology.

For more information see our Litepad page!
Arri Caster Series

The ARRI CASTER Series utilizes a special optical design and dedicated LED arrangement, presenting an efficient solution for LED Lighting at an attractive price level. Specially designed accessories, such as a 2-leaf barndoor, intensifier and a range of mounting options expand the CASTER Series flexibility.

The LoCaster provides perfect field lighting with on-board control of color temperature, plus/minus green, and intensity. The BroadCaster provides the same flexibility but by use of third-party DMX control.

Ask your Grand Stage representative for more information on this exciting portable tool.

CooLED 50

The new RPS Studio CooLED 50 Light is the latest in lighting technology. Using just 50 watts of energy, it produces as much light as a 500 watt incandescent photoflood without the heat and at a daylight 5200°K making it perfect for either still or video work.

Featuring a single 50 watt LED that has an average life of 50,000 hours, and a built dimmer, this light will prove to be an economical, environmentally friendly workhorse. When coupled with the optional battery pack, this unit can be used when there is no AC outlet available.

Comes complete with a removable 90° reflector, barn door set, diffuser, and AC power supply with cables.

224RS5530 CooLED 50

CooLED 100

The new RPS Studio 10,000 lumen LED Studio Light is designed to provide the light intensity that a studio photographer and/or videographer needs, but without the heat or energy usage that conventional light sources use.

The RPS Studio LED Studio Light uses a single 100 watt (energy usage) LED that produces light equal to 1000 watts when the 8” reflector is attached to it. The light output is adjustable yet the color temperature of the light stays a constant daylight (5200°K). Mounts to any standard 5/8” light stand spigot. The on/off switch is in the 3 meter power cord. Complete with 8” Bowen’s mount style reflector that will accept a standard umbrella, shower cap style diffuser, and protective cap.

224RS5610 CooLED 100

CooLED 100 Delux Kit

The deluxe RPS Studio 200 Watt LED Studio 2 Light Kit comes with two 100 watt LED Studio Lights; two mirror conical reflectors; one reflector case; two protective caps; two frosted glass domes; two very heavy duty 7.5 foot air cushioned 4-section light stands; two white umbrellas with removable black backing so the umbrella can also be used as translucent shoot through as well as standard umbrella; two fabric shower cap style diffusers; and one hold all carry/storage case with pull up handle and wheels.

224RS5600 CooLED 100 Delux Kit

CooLED 1500 Variable Focus

The new RPS Studio Fresnel Lens CooLED 1500 Watt Light features an adjustable fresnel lens that allows you to change the width of the light beam (40° to 80°) and focus the light creating images with light that has either a soft or hard edge. This control of light can produce dramatic images. With a color temperature of 5400°K ± 200°K, and a CRI of >90, this light can be used for either stills or video. And it is environmentally friendly as it only uses 150 watts of energy to produce the equivalent of 1500 watts of incandescent light. And, of course, there is a continuous dimmer on the back of the unit so you can set the light output to exactly what is needed.

A very convenient feature of this light is the wireless RF remote that is included. It allows you to turn the unit on/off from up to 100 feet away allowing the unit to be mounted in a place that might not be easily accessible.

The heavy duty housing has a cooling fan that may be turned off, features a carry handle and yoke style mount with a 3/4” receiver. There is also a docking connection allowing two or more units to be daisy chained together. Complete with a 4 sided barn door, power cord, RF wireless remote, can output connecting cable, a diffusion filter and a tungsten filter.

224RS5810 CooLED 1500 Variable Focus










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