Soft, Even Lighting Wherever
You Need It

Rosco's LitePad is a slim profile light source that generates a soft even beam of light and virtually no heat.

It is available in six standard configurations as small as 3" x 3", up to 12" x 12". All these LED-based light sources are only 0.3" (8 mm) thick. Because it's so thin, LitePad will fit where ordinary fixtures won't. That makes it especially useful for film and television, where a 6000 Kelvin key or fill light is often needed in inaccessible places. It also makes it useful in theatre, because LitePad can be easily placed in sets or props or even sewn into costumes!

Be sure you have enough LitePad units on hand for your next production.

You can buy a LitePad for as little as $49.00.
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The LitePad emits virtually no heat, so table top shots of ice cream (or people!) can be cool and well illuminated.

A LitePad on the podium shelf provides excellent and dramatic key lighting for both live televised worship services. The LitePad behind the simulated stained glass window adds to the appeal of the picture.

LitePad is an excellent choice for photographers who need a soft, even light that is flattering to skin tones, gentle on wrinkles or other signs of aging and comfortable for the talent.

Available in 6 basic sizes:
290603030120 3"x3" (76.2 mm x 76.2 mm)
290603060120 3"x6" (76.2 mm x 152.4 mm)
290606060120 6"x6" (152.4 mm x 152.4 mm)
290603120120 3"x12" (76.2 mm x 304.8 mm)
290606120120 6"x12" (152.4 mm x 304.8 mm)
290612120120 12"x12" (304.8 mm x 304.8 mm)
Color Temperature: 6000 Kelvin
Thickness: .3" (8 mm)
Operating Temperature: -30C - +85C
Lamp Life: 100,000 hrs.

LitePad is supplied with a cord and a 12V transformer.

Also available in convenient kit:
290 64000 TKIT Complete kit:

Contains 2 each of 6 standard LitePads
5 - 3 amp 120v transformers
Customized Pelican 1550 Carrying Case
2 - 3" Mounting Brackets
1 - 6" Mounting Bracket
2 - 12" Mounting Brackets
6 - "y" Splitters
6 - 10' Extension Cables


  • Mounting Hardware
  • 12v 3amp Power Supply
  • 10ft (3m) Extension Cable
  • 12v Car Adapter
  • 12v Battery
  • Carrying Case
  • Y splitter cable