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New products from Philips Entertainment
Its OK to be a Control Freak!


The NEO lighting control console is the closest that a designer can get to actually touching the light; encompassing the dreams and aspirations of both professionals and amateurs alike. The NEO lighting control console starts with the inclusion of many timesaving features, allowing the user to program faster and more accurately.

Icons and Shutter controls are represented graphically on the display, saving time and presenting meaningful data to the operator. Floating Windows allow the operator to configure their views their way, making it easier to find information. Effects are revolutionized, with “Time Line” features, allowing drag and drop to create that perfectly timed sequence.

With individually controlled back lit keys, motorized faders, user security system, pixel mapping and media playback: we think you will find the NEO lighting control console a worthy successor to a proud history of iconic consoles that have had the honor of bearing the Strand Lighting and now Philips Strand Lighting name.



SPX – a new generation of tungsten halogen ellipsoidal luminaires which harness advances in manufacturing technologies to deliver a tool that meets the evolving needs of 21st century lighting practice. SPX is outstanding in its class. Featuring many new innovations while retaining intuitive controls, standard beam angles and a familiar appearance, there is no need to re-learn your craft.

SPX is evolutionary, from its form to its structure and size. Like all of the Philips Selecon product range, SPX has been developed to lead the way in energy efficiency for creative lighting.

New Color Changing Options
Philips - PL1 Profile
Strand Lighting now offers two new options in the growing field of LED fixtures. Based on the popular Vari*Lite VLX fixture, these two variable focus LED fixtures offer advanced option like LED control, optional handheld remote and onboard fixture diagnostics.
Philips PL3 Wash



Great Gift Ideas
Grand Stage has all kinds of Graduation and Birthday ideas for the techie in your family. Grand Stage carries the full line of Setwear Brand products.  These quality gloves, bags, and clothes are both stylish and utilitarian at the same time.
We also have a full line of theatrical tools, including the popular MicroTech from Interactive Technologies. This tiny DMX tool allows you to display and check levels, snapshot up to 30 scenes, check data for errors, calculate the console's update rate and generate levels.
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