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As technology progresses LED options are now available in all fixture types.


Spotlights for precise light control and pattern projection.  The new generation of ERS lights are designed for easy relamping with no tools required and improved optics at a lower wattage which leads to money saved in operation costs.

Pacific ERS Profile Selecon PL4 LED Profile

Lights which produce a sort edged beam which is adjustable from spot (average 5 degrees) to flood (average 50 degrees).  Theater Fresnels range in wattage from 150 watts to 2,000 watts.  If you are looking for a brighter Fresnel look in our Film and Studio Fixtures.

Selecon PL1Fresnel LED

Altman 65Q

Par Cans

The work horse of Rock and Roll, these low cost fixtures are versatile depending on the lamp/lens used.



Altman Par 64

Chauvet SlimPar Pro LED


Altman R40


Strip lights for general wash these fixtures can be mounted as top light, foot lights or for washing cycloramas



Showline SL660 Bar LED

R40 Borderlight  
Cyc Lights

Wall wash fixtures for even ligting on a flat plane.



Selecon HUI Selecon PLCyc 1 LED

Large wash fixtures with little beam control but substanital light output. Also used in studio applications. Please note lamps for the halogen versions of this style of fixture are being phased out due to energy savings legislations



Altman 14" Focusing Scoop Chauvet Core 3X3 LED
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