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All incandescent Pars shown are UL® listed. Grand Stage recommends UL fixtures for all fixtures that are for permanent installation or for use in public spaces. If you are interested in non listed fixtures please ask your sales representative for more information. All Pars are supplied with color frame and safety cable unless otherwise noted.

Chauve SlimPar Pro RGBA LED

It’s a wash light featuring red, green, blue and amber LEDs. The addition of amber offers a more complete spectrum in some of the harder-to-create warm colors and also punches up the saturation and vividness of colors in general. This unit is perfect for adding a lot of color to small performance venues. With a beam angle of 21 degrees and field angle of 42 degrees this versitile fixtue replaces many 500W Par fixtures at an affordable price.

Up to 9 units can be chained together from a single 20A outlet

Catalog Number
COLORado 1-Tri Tour by Chauvet Lighting

The COLORado™ 1-Tri Tour uses Neutrik® powerCON® connectors for a speedier and easier setup. It's designed optics allow the light from the LEDs to converge before leaving the fixture, ensuring better color mixing while five dimming curves and optional color blending filters further enrich the wash possibilities. COLORado™ 1-Tri Tour also includes a built-in gel frame holder. The fixture comes with built-in auto and custom programs, RGB color mixing, color temerature presets from 2,800 to 10,000K and includes both 3 and 5 pin data connectors


Catalog Number
196704 *Also available for rent
Par 64 - 500/1000 Watts

The workhorse of the rock & roll industry. The single most popular PAR instrument made. UL listed to 1000 Watts with 10 lamps available so you can use this fixture almost anywhere a brilliant beam of light is needed and includes color frame.


Catalog Number
Par 64 Steel/ GSL#109064 Par 64 Aluminium / GSL#1090644
Par 56 - 300/500 Watts

With a range of lamps from 300 to 500 Watts, and 3 beam spreads in each Wattage, this fixture is extremely versatile for small theaters, clubs, and concerts where flexibility is desired in a small package and includes color frame.


Catalog Number
Par 56 Steel / GSL#109056 Par 56 Aluminium / GSL#1090564
Par 46 - 200 Watts

This fixture is ideal for use when an oval beam of light is required, such as in clubs, concerts, and other small venues. UL listed for 200 Watts with 360 ° beam rotation and includes color frame.


Catalog Number
Par 46 / GSL#109046  
Par 38 - 100/300 Watts

The PAR38 fixture is a low cost, versatile luminaire designed for diverse applications. Intensities and beam spreads are a function of the lamp selected for use in the fixture. One luminaire can serve multiple purposes simply by changing the lamp type. The small size of the PAR38 and a wide range of lamps to choose from make it an ideal luminaire for many lighting applications. Typical installations are found in nightclubs, concerts, theatres and architectural situations where maximum flexibility is desired from a small compact package. 


Catalog Number
Par 38 / GSL#109038  
Par 16/Par 20 - "Birdie"

Commonly called a“Birdie” the Par 16 and Par 20 fixtures are available in a number of different wattages and beamspreads and are ideal when a small beam is needed in tight locations. Options include barn doors, top hats and track mounting.


Catalog Number
Par 16 / GSL#648016 Par 20 / GSL#648020
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