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Grand Stage wants to make your special day as memorable as possible and the right lighting can make all the difference. We've compiled some important information for you below to keep in mind while planning your big day.



Whether you are planning the event yourself, working with a wedding consultant, or teaming up with family; Grand Stage is here to help. We offer free in office consultations from our Chicago location or for an additional fee a member of our team will visit your site and do a walk through with you. Either way Grand Stage is ready to discuss you design intents, make suggestions based on the information provided and develop a proposal to meet your budget. Our consultation fees may be prorated towards event production services.

Items to consider when adding lighting to any event:

- What is the overall budget available for lighting needs, including setup and operation costs?

- Are there common themes, motifs, or colors that are being used during this event?

- What is the available power in the anticipated use areas?

- What is the access to the space for set-up and take-down?

- Are their any union jurisdictions or labor requirements at the facility?

- Are any of the anticipated use areas covered by fire or safety restrictions?


  Fixtures and Effects Options

Grand Stage has a variety of fixture and effects options to make your special day a memorable one. Here are some common options used in event lighting

Wall Washers (also called Up Lighitng) add color and life to walls, pillars and any surface that needs a little sprucing up to add ambience and tone to your event. New LED options provide greater color saturation with less cords and power required. Ask about or battery operated fixtures for even greater flexibility.

Accent Fixtures provide punch to highlight specific areas, architectural items, and set decorations.

Key Lights provide focus and general illumination on important areas and people throughout the event.

Image Projection range from simple outlines and initials to full color picture.

Atmospherics include fog, haze, snow, streamers, and confetti. These help set the stage for important moments during the event.


  Custom Images (Gobos)

To download the wedding custom gobo form click here.

Having a custom image to project on the day is easy and affordable. Options range from simple logos and initials using a steel template to full color pictures. Here are a few items to keep in mind:

- Custom steel templates require 2 - 3 days for manufacture from approval date.

- Custom glass and full color plastic (uesed with LED fixtures only) templates require 3 - 4 days for manufacture from approval date.

- Email ideas for your custom logo in PDF or JPG format to sales@grandstage.com


  Production Services

Grand Stage can deliver, set-up, run and/or strike the equipment required for you event. Let our knowledgeable and professional staff take away a little of the stress on your big day. For more information see our PRODUCTION SERVICES page for additional information.


  DIY Options

You can always opt to DIY and Grand Stage has several pre-designed packages to make your event easy and elegant. Packages include projection options, wall wash options in LED and conventional halogen lighting, and platforms/stages.


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